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From October 1948 to May 1955 there had been a 7499th Support Squadron, first at Furstenfeldbruck AB then at Wiesbaden AB, Germany, that was involved in surveillance (ELINT & photo), of Eastern Europe. This activity was to expand, but the squadron had reached capacity. It was decided to make three new squadrons with the 7499th as Group Headquarters. These units were as follows:

  1. 7499th Support Group. Stationed at Wiesbaden, Germany.  The 7499th Support Group was inactivated as of 1 March 1972.

  2. 7405th Support Squadron. This squadron would take over the duties and equipment/men of the 7499th Support Squadron at Wiesbaden, Germany.  This squadron had, in 1955, the following aircraft: B-26C, C-47, RC-54D, C-97A, & C-118.

    In 1975 this squadron was renamed as an Operations Squadron, moved to Rhein/Main Airbase, Germany, and operated three C-130Es. In 1977 it became part of the 7575th Operations Group. It was inactivated in January 1991.

  3. 7406th Support Squadron. This would be a new squadron stationed at Rhein/Main Airbase (Frankfurt  Airport), Germany. This squadron would operate & maintain the acft and front-end crew, other personnel (back-end crew from the 6911th Radio Group (mobile)) would accomplish airborne radio surveillance. See below for aircraft. The 7406th squadron was inactivated 30 June 1974.

  4. 7407th Support Squadron. This would be a new squadron stationed at Rhein/Main Airbase, Germany. This squadron would accomplish airborne photo surveillance . They used RB-57A, then RB-57D, and finally RB-57F aircraft at Rhein-Main. This squadron had a Detachment 1 organized at Bitburg Air Base, Germany using five (5) RF-100A acft. This Detachment was inactivated in July 1958. The 7407th squadron was inactivated 1 October 1968.
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